Ex Opus

The Shire of Sangre del Sol will be holding our third Regional Art&Sci Event and Competition this July.  

Theme: Universitas Oxoniensis

Are you interested in arts, law, medicine, or theology? Have you wanted to attend a studia generale? If you answered yes to either question, the University of Oxford is for you! As the oldest Royal Chartered university in England, and the second oldest in Europe, University of Oxford will provide students with over 350 years of tradition and experience from our staff.

Please join us July 7, AS for a smaller sampling of classes the university offers. Should any pique your interest, please inquire further about formal enrollment.

Why Ex Opus?

Ex Opus in Latin means “from work”, a fitting name since it is from our hard work that we inspire others to create. This is our chance to both showcase our skills and to encourage our members to find something within the realm of Art&Sci to try their hand at. The idea is to make this an inclusive and welcoming event, and to thus further the local interest in the Arts and Sciences.

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