Heraldic Display Competition

tumblr_m69e0v7cES1ruowwjo1_1280Being as myriad scholars, artisans, and gentlefolk of taste, intellect and refinement will be gathering this summer at Ex Opus: Universitas Oxoniensis in the Shire of Sangre del Sol, there to present diverse projects, artworks, and scientific devices for consideration and admiration, the Collegium Adiuncto Artes Immodicus invites all to address a key question of poiesis vexilla (the making of heraldic items).




Our thesis is as follows:

Heraldry → panoply → pageantry

We invite all students of Ex Opus: Universitas Oxoniensis to submit their demonstrations and proofs of this thesis, to be evaluated on that day.

Contest rules and guidelines:

This is a contest for heraldic display of any and every kind.

Any kind of display using heraldry can be entered:  banners, shields, clothing, furniture, stained glass, carefully trained synchronized flying butterflies – the only limit is your imagination (and possibly the laws of physics).  The display can be anything from a badge to a full achievement, from an escutcheon to a panoply.  You may use any media, materials, techniques, etc., as long as the results look sufficiently period for SCA use.

Documentation is welcome but not required.  If your entry uses heraldic elements from a given device or arms (charges, livery, etc.) but not the entire device, please provide an image of the device for reference.

You may use your own arms or device, registered or not; if unregistered, make sure it’s compliant with SCA heraldry.  You may use someone else’s arms or device, with their permission.  You may use the arms of your shire or barony, or of Trimaris, or of any other SCA location or group, including households.  If all else fails, you may use verifiable mundane heraldry; but do not use fictional or fantasy heraldry, and DO NOT use anything marketed online as “your family crest”.  Entries using any such EFHC (Extruded Fake Heraldic Content) will not be considered, except with horror.

Your entry can also be an A&S project entry, but does not have to be; this is a separate contest from the A&S competition, to encourage as many people as possible to indulge in applied creativity.

Entries will be judged on the effectiveness and attractiveness of your display, historical accuracy, and workmanship.  These are three different criteria, and each will have its own prize.

For any more information, please contact HL Mirendil of Alardas, Dean of Heraldic Arts