Classes, Activities, and Schedule

If you are an instructor who would like to teach a class at Ex opus, please contact Lord Nishigori Mitsumune at We would be happy to work with any and all instructors. There will be a focus on 15th century England, but ‘visting lecturers’ from far and wide are welcome as well.

Class List


  • Event Planning for Feast Stewards – Mistress Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly
  • The Kitchen Plan (Your Best Weapon for Making Fantastic Feasts) – Mistress Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly

Fiber Arts

  • North European Dyes – L Nishigori Mitsumune
  • Open Dyeing Workshop – L Nishigori Mitsumune
  • Tapestry Weaving – Mistress Anne of Blackthorne
  • Period Sewing Stitches – Mistress Anne of Blackthorne
  • Opus Anglicanum – Varvara Laska doch’ Koudelka
  • Fingerloop Braiding – Varvara Laska doch’ Koudelka

Library Arts

  • Internet Research for A&S – Melisande of Wordscroft

Martial Arts

  • Flemish Twist Bow/Crossbow String Making – Don Robert the Bald
  • English Pike – Count Danial von Hessen
  • Destrezza Footwork – Don Agustín de León
  • Improving your Rapier – Master Robert MacPharland


  • History of Physics: Copernicus to Pre-Modern Times – Iauanus Morisicus

Scribal Arts

  • Gilding for Illumination – Mistress Milesenda de Bourges


  • Mortise and Tenon joints – cutting them by hand – HL Cian Mac Cullough
  • Open Woodworking Workshop – HL Cian Mac Cullough


  • Making a Fencing Doublet – Duchess Sibilla Daine
  • Italian Renaissance Women’s Hairstyles – HL Mirendil of Alardas


  • Badge Design and Applique – Katherine verch Evan

More TBA!


Class Schedule

Full class schedule can be downloaded at this link: ExOpus2018_schedule


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